March 27, 2023

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Up to 50% better range THAN THE PASSPORT 8500!

Selectable POP radar detection!

Avalible in Blue or Red display screen!

Unbelievable Range

The New Passport 8500 X-50 utilizes a totally new design, including a new waveguide antenna, state-of-the-art microwave receiver, and our latest proprietary software. The result is an incredible performance, including a 50% improvement in detection range over the previous top of the line Escort 8500 and selectable POP radar Detection.

One Step Ahead

Speed measuring devices continue to improve through the use of new technology. Escort X50's innovative design allows the on-board microprocessor to be re-programmed to detect new radar and laser units. While other manufacturers' models become obsolete, the Escort Passport 8500 X 50 can be upgraded to protect you against the latest threats.

3 High-Resolution Meter Modes

? Standard Bar Graph
? Exclusive Expert Meter
? Spec Display

Less "Noise"

Improving sensitivity typically means an increase in annoying false alarms. Passport's advanced signal rejection circuitry, and exclusive "Auto" mode, separates real threats from the "noise." The result is advanced warning without the constant chatter.

Adapts To The Way You Drive

The Passport 8500 X-50 comes preset and ready to use with our factory recommended settings. If you prefer, select Passport's unique EZ-Programming feature and customize it for your own driving style. Programmable options include selection of individual bands (on/off), three meter display options, Mute and AutoMute, two levels of audio tones, and much more. Simply hold both buttons to enter the Program Mode, and quickly review or change your settings. (Your preferred settings are maintained in memory, even when Passport is turned off or unplugged.)

Comes Fully Equipped

Your Escort Passport 8500 X 50 arrives with a comprehensive owner's manual, quick-release windshield mount with suction cups, built-in earphone jack, a coiled SmartCord, quick reference card, and an Escort travel case.

Safety Warning System

Full text display of all Safety Warning System (SWS) signals. Over 60 specific safety text messages warn of hazards in areas using safety radar.

Completely immune to the VG2 "detector - detector"

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