October 23, 2021

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Directional Dual Polarity, Yagi-Quad CB Base Station Antenna with DPE, the most powerful and directive CB beam antenna on the market has a gain of 18dB and develops an effective multiplied power level 60 times that of your normal transmitter! It will handle up to 2kW. This, combined with unparalleled directivity, enables you to communicate with distant stations never before possible. Mounted on a 40-foot boom, the Super Laser 500 uses 14 Yagi-type elements plus Quad reflector. Electrically this provides you with four more parasitic elements for a cumulative total of 18 elements! Adjustable gamma matches obtain the lowest SWR for both vertical and horizontal polarization. Forward gain, front-to-back ratio, and side rejection are the highest in the industry.

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