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The AUTO-TEMP 168 Soldering Station offers the ultimate in controlled temperature hand soldering. The Ni-Chrome element wire is precision wound at the end of the stainless steel barrel to ensure maximum temperature as close to the working surface of the tip as possible.

This results in both rapid heat-up and instant heat recovery.

AUTO-TEMP incorporates electronic circuitry which enables the user to change the temperature at the tip from 150 degrees centigrade (300 degrees fahrenheit) through 450 degrees centigrade (850 degrees fahrenheit) without changing the tip or heating element.

The revolutionary electronic "Zero Voltage" thyristor protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS Devices), against transient voltage spikes caused by using mechanical switches.

Tip temperature is maintained at 3 degrees centigrade (6 degrees fahrenheit) of its preset temperature. Dynamic response to soldering load variations is insured by the positioning of a unique sensor close to the tip's working surface.

Heat up time to the appropriate working temperature is attained in about 45 seconds.

A standard temperature "Lockout" feature prevents operators from altering preset temperatures.

The power unit is isolated from the AC line by the transformer and only 24VAC isolated voltage is used to drive the heater element. The soldering tip is grounded through the power unit to ensure less than 0.5 millivolt or 0.03 microampere leakage.

Soldering tips are available for the iron.

Developed to meet the present and future needs of the electronic production industry, service technician and the hobbyist.

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