March 27, 2023

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K40 K30

Product #:

K30 MAGNAMOUNT **Consistent SWR across all 40 channels Because our design features a capacitor unique to K40 technology. **Special radiused tip to dissipate static - no static ball to get knocked off. **35" 17-7 Stainless steel whip. **For 27 Mhz CB. **Easy To Tune No need to cut whip to set SWR. **Computer Designed for more accuracy in performance and tuning. **Custom Cable 15ft. of prewired, RG-58 95% shielded coax with the PL259 connector. **Heavy Duty Coil Wire - 14 gauge wire allows for 300 watt power handling capacity. **10oz Heavy Duty Magnet Simplifies installation and removal. **Strong Magnetic Base remains secure on any type of car.

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